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Make An Impression With Stunning Photography

Professional photography is an important marketing tool.  Your company web site or literature is frequently an introduction to any new customer. An immediate impact is essential with eye catching, provocative photographs aimed at nudging business into action.  Photography for Industry aims to put a ‘WOW’ into any front cover or exhibition.  With marketing underpinning 90% of assignments and subjects ranging from shipping to soft drinks, it is first necessary to clarify whom these photographs will attract and influence.
Photography for Industry aims to understand what makes you tick and then devise the best possible photographs for maximum attention.
Working pictures feature people and factories in action – machinery comes to life inside the pages of a brochure and manufacturing is alive at every click. Process industries full of heat and steam portray the stages of manufacturing.  Scalding hot pipes carrying vital chemicals around a plant and the crashing and banging of an engineering works are felt through the lighting and subject handling.
The following pages demonstrate how ordinary, everyday practices are transformed into shots which have clout and regularly illustrate corporate reports, promotional materials and displays for major exhibitions.  Good lighting in difficult environments, overcoming the hazards in dangerous locations and producing great pictures which help business to win, are all part of the photographer’s role.  So if you run a furnace, a quarry or a machine shop, take a glimpse ahead and see what could be done to represent your industry.  These photographs could be inside your brochure or hanging on your boardroom wall.  The aim is to create a first rate impression… think of it as an investment.