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Value of Video

A promotional video is a worthy marketing tool. A short film running in your company reception area can feature the highlights of your business or illustrate a new product or system. Often seen at trade exhibitions, a loop film can attract visitors and promote a range of skilful operations. For international trade, these can be translated and used for overseas viewers.

Photography for Industry demonstrates what can be achieved by mixing a set of still camera photographs with graphics and sound to create an impact for any company. In our case, its a selection of shots combined with a fast paced professional soundtrack which portrays a sense of rapid movement and the clatter of machinery. With engines running and the scenes and sounds of workshops and processing halls each buzzing and whirring with activity.

So, if you’re contemplating some photography, here’s another way of using the stills and promoting yourself to a wider audience. More mileage for your money.

A great way of adding more Clout! Forcing your shots to work even harder for the benefit of British Industry.